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Keep the warranty & other papers that accompany a watch. One day they might
contribute to the total value of your time-piece. Especially if it is a rare watch.

Did you ever wind your watch up too far just trying to get it to tick? And it
wonít. Just about everyone has done that. Donít! Now we need 2 repairs.

If  your watch may be difficult to replace or has some value to it. Spend a couple
extra bucks and add it to your insurance policy for itís "replacement value".

Haste makes waste. If your watch needs service: Donít just give it to anyone.
a Certified Watchmaker should give you some comfort and excellent repair.

Love it! Collect it! But if you are investing in it? do a little homework. Because itís your money.

If your watch is Quartz...When you are not wearing it for awhile,  you can pull
the stem to the set position to save energy for when you want to wear it.

Watches without hour markers on the dial are called Mystery Watches.
There are numerous collecting themes.

Beware of fakes. A real Rolex is not $30.

When closing the cover of a Pocket-Watch, push down on the crown to save excess wear.

Fine Watches are complex instruments. Please donít try to fix them.  Call an Expert.

If you are new to watch collecting? Do some research, start with 1 or 2 themes.

Estate sales, Flea markets, Auctions and Yard sales can be a great place for finding Treasure!

Network with other watch collectors & dealers. Get Advice and share information.

Mint! Collectibles in better condition are more desirable and  rise in value faster.

Donít scrap out a watch for itís gold value until you know it is  not a rare or special watch.

Mechanical watches should be cleaned and oiled every couple of years.

Watch movements have 120 parts, some complicated movements have over 600.

Did you know? Ingersoll produced a Mickey Mouse watch in 1933. And over the next
3 years sold 2 million of them.

There are approximately 900 million watches produced each year.

A few tips for the collector
Watches that put you in the Game!